Lindsay Pickton

Areas of Specialism in Primary Education:

Lindsay Pickton
  • Developing enjoyment of reading
  • Reading skills: word-reading and comprehension; speed and fluency; resilience
  • Writing: shared, guided and independent
  • Grammar and punctuation: subject knowledge, pedagogy and ethos
  • Spelling in all year groups
  • Drama for literacy; speaking and listening; effective and collaborative group discussion
  • Writing scrutiny and “stuck pupil” analysis and support
  • Assessing, planning and teaching all areas of Primary English
  • Support for Literacy Subject Leaders: monitoring, planning, CPD
  • Parents’ meetings: Helping Your Child with Reading (and writing, and spelling)

Lindsay Pickton has supported schools as a Learning and Teaching Advisor since 2001. He has successfully supported numerous schools, specialising in all aspects of Primary Literacy. Lindsay provides inspiring and practical training and consultancy in diverse aspects of English, from grammar and spelling to drama and the enjoyment of reading. The latter is Lindsay’s greatest passion, as both experience and research shows it to be defining in children’s life-chances. He has worked with the excellent charity Reading Matters to help to raise awareness of this crucial issue.

Lindsay has led very positively evaluated training on grammar all over London. Since witnessing the empowering impact of the effective teaching of grammar on children’s spoken and written language, he has, to his surprise, become rather evangelical on the subject.

Besides advisory and training support – and conference speeches and workshops – across inner and outer London and beyond, Lindsay writes with Christine Chen for OUP, Pearson and Collins, as well as reading and writing-themed articles for Teach Primary magazine. He has also led training for Pearson (grammar) and Collins Big Cat (reading), and is now a key trainer for OUP’s successful Project X series. He is an English and Philosophy graduate (Bristol), taking his PGCE at St Mary’s College, Strawberry Hill (after a period working for Waterstone’s Booksellers as a department manager and buyer). He became a Leading Teacher for Richmond Borough, and this led to his move to advisory teaching.

As Literacy Advisor, Lindsay was instrumental in the shaping of the teaching, learning and assessing of English in Kingston upon Thames 2001-2014, where he led a very effective and popular Literacy Subject Leaders’ Network; he has led other Literacy Leaders’ networks and meetings in other London Boroughs, and in Surrey. In his time in Kingston, he was lead moderator for KS1 and then KS2, the latter across Kingston and Richmond boroughs; he is still closely involved with the moderation of writing, and has had his moderation scrutinised first by QCA and then STA.

Lindsay contributed to Kingston’s Sharing Best Practice networks from Year 1 to Year 6. He has supported numerous whole-school reviews.