Hello! Thanks for visiting our humble website. As you can see, we are not a big organisation, but a husband and wife team passionate about helping people who help children to learn to the best of their ability. We are Primary English and Curriculum specialists  and between us we have supported many hundreds of schools across the country and further afield!

We’ve written many Primary English resources, developed bespoke curriculum content and series-edited for a number of brilliant educational organisations.  As authors and series editors, we have a well-established relationship with Collins, Oxford University Press, Pearson, Discovery Education and Teach Primary magazine.

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And for a flavour of our thinking, here are a handful of the articles we have written:

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“The response to your inset was overwhelmingly positive. So many teachers commented on how interesting, relevant and useful the training was.

It is always a good sign when teachers from nursery through to year 6 were able to take something away to use in the classroom, so thank you very much for motivating us.”

March, 2018


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